SWT Collector's Bounty

Do you collect vintage Star Wars toys (1977-1985) or modern Star Wars toys and memorabilia? SWT Collector's Bounty's mission is to preserve vintage Star Wars Collectibles and sell them at prices lower than what can be found on eBay and private sellers. Come visit our collections and purchase worry free for high quality action figures!

  • Pre-owned Action Figures

    All pre-owned action figures are taken in cleaned and whenever possible paired with original accessories.

  • Parts

    Collector's Bounty takes in a large number of broken toys resulting in a vast inventory of unique Star Wars Toy parts that you can purchase to fill in the gaps in your collection and repair your broken toys! Email SWTCollectorsbounty@gmail.com to see ifI we have the part you need!

  • Complete Vehicles

    Collector's Bounty, whenever possible, will purchase complete collectibles for resale. Whether it's a complete in-box toy, or a loose toy complete with all it's parts and accessories.

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